with a smile on your mouth [heart]


Let's have some fun

This beat is sick

... Tenth Stab ... |Locked to DATS and family, but hackable| October 5th | Audio|
[A comm has turned on, but there's a very long silence before anyone starts speaking]

I--... [Tei's voice cracks noticeably] I think I might know where Fini-san is... is holding Sai...

... please... please just find him... I can't stand to hear Rii-chan cry anymore...

...Ninth Stab... [Video]
want it bad [ D: ]
[The video comes on to an odd angle. Tei is in shot, looking absolutely frantic and near tears, and there's bits of glass in her hair.]

W-we... we need help! Finitevus! H-h-he attacked us at the club! He's trying to take Sai-kun! Kazma-kun is hurt! Please, hur-- KYAA!

[Tei flinches and lets out a shriek just before something strikes the comm and causes it turn off.]

((ooc: Just a note - people CAN show up in this log later, but Sai has to get taken first. No mater who shows up, he's getting grabbed, so no heroes this time. They'll basically be showing up to the aftermath of it all, and find an injured Kazma, damaged Ritsu and freaked out Tei. There will be an aftermath thread put up a little later for people to tag to.))

... Eighth Stab ... [Accidental Audio] [Backdate: June 22nd]
with a smile on your mouth [heart]
(ooc: Purple is Haku
Blue is Sai)

[the comm comes on with a quiet thud at the tail end of a door closing, and Tei's voice can be heard muttering, apparently trying to balance several things in her hands and cursing at something that fell.]

Tei-chan... where have you been?

A-ah... Haku-chan... Sai-kun... ... I'm sorry, I was trying to be quiet.

It's fine. Where were you?

Well... it was my birthday on Sunday...

And we were going to celebrate it with you, Sukone, but no one could find you!

You really should have left a note if you were going to go some where.

I'm sorry...

So, really, where were you?

W-well... Nokoru-kun took me to a hotel... so... I was there... in the bed...

For an entire week?

And... on the floor... and in the shower...

... Tei-chan.

And in the chair... and against the wall...


... what?

... too much information.

[Tei just giggles. Sai is actually kind of laughing in the background, and he makes a comment that suspiciously sounds like 'Imonoyama has a lot of energy'. Haku groans.]

Just... go put your stuff away, Tei-chan. I'll make you a cake in the morning.

But Nokoru-kun and I already had cake and--


[Haku's footsteps recede from the room]

... Haku-chan... ? Did I say something wrong? Haku-chaaan!


...Seventh Stab... [Video]
with a smile on your mouth [heart]
Tei's turn! Tei's turn!

...Sixth Stab... [Anon/Voice] [Frondate: April 2nd]
but if I do [sing]
[Anon is turned on, as is location scrambling, but really Tei has a pretty distinctive voice. Anyone who knows her well enough and has heard her sing before will probably recognize the UTAU's singing.]

Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder - TranslationCollapse )

[The song ends, and there's a bit of silence like she might say something, but after about a minute of it the comm shuts off.]

...Fifth Stab... : [Locked to Nokoru, Location Scrambled] [Audio]
its complicated and stupid [moe]
[Tei's been crying again. She's been doing this a lot lately. She doesn't even know why. Not that she's going to admit all this to the person she wants to talk to.]


[she sounds like there's something more she wants to say, but she doesn't, leaving only his name there to see if he even answers]

...Fourth Stab... [audio] [location scrambled/anon]
hold me and love me [losing it]
[So, how 'bout that virus? It does crazy things to people. But it seems to make certain crazy people even crazier.

Namely insane UTAU who have problems with stabbing things that bleed.

There's a song on the network today, being sung by said UTAU. The weird thing, though? She genuinely sounds upset while singing it.]

[when the song is over, there's a few seconds of quiet crying before the comm clicks off]

...Third Stab... [Locked to Finitevus]
its complicated and stupid [moe]
Ah... Fini-san? Tei-chan needs some help... i-if it's not too much trouble...

[video clicks on, showing plenty of damage, specifically in her right arm and torso.]

Can you make repairs on Tei-chan... ?

...Second Stab... [Location Untraceable]
but if I do [sing]

...First Stab... [Accidental Audio]
hold me and love me [losing it]
((OOC: Warning - the video is short but really graphic. Click play at your own risk.))

[comm clicks on, but at first the only sound is a quiet shink shink shink, and what sounds like some one gurgling]


Wh-what are you doing, TeiTei?!


[there’s a rather loud THUD and a squeak, followed by quite a bit of silence.]

... ouh... this thing is blinking... oops



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